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  • Image of an orchestra at night

    Aspiring young musicians in Guernsey can now apply for a bursary to help support them in their studies at music [...]

    Published On: March 9th, 2022
  • Our Friends of Grow volunteer group (FROGS) are an active group of fundraisers who hold events to help raise money [...]

    Published On: March 4th, 2022
  • Could you be the new Chair of Fairtrade Guernsey? The Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Group was formed in 2005 by volunteers [...]

    Published On: March 2nd, 2022
  • The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has launched its new bespoke auction trading system, NOVA. The first auctions on NOVA have [...]

    Published On: March 1st, 2022
  • GROW has received a generous donation from Guernsey Community Foundation in support of its major regeneration project. The Foundation’s donation [...]

    Published On: February 24th, 2022
  • Greg Kok, an experienced leader in the investor services sector, has been named as the new Managing Director of IQ-EQ [...]

    Published On: February 23rd, 2022
  • All Bailiwick organisations that handle personal data have a legal responsibility to register, or renew their existing registration, with the [...]

    Published On: February 23rd, 2022
  • Resolution IT has made three senior appointments, including one to the Board, as the company continues to expand and strengthen [...]

    Published On: February 23rd, 2022
  • We are now over the half way point of our community project, the re-development of the Guernsey Bathing Pools. The [...]

    Published On: February 23rd, 2022
  • Our new facilities building has started to take shape as the first steels go up. Finally our redevelopment is no [...]

    Published On: February 17th, 2022
  • 9253-GROW-NEWSLETTER-FEB-MAR-221024_1Download

    Published On: February 14th, 2022
  • PBS Group are delighted to be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2022. This is a unique milestone for PBS in [...]

    Published On: February 14th, 2022
  • Published On: January 27th, 2022
  • Got questions about data protection? Come along to the ODPA's free drop-in sessions which re-start on Wed 2 Feb. More [...]

    Published On: January 24th, 2022
  • The List has released an updated Partner Book for 2022. It includes a few new Partner options, including a Newsletter [...]

    Published On: January 18th, 2022
  • Staff at The International Stock Exchange (TISE) have raised more than £9,000 in support of the Guernsey Society for the [...]

    Published On: January 17th, 2022
  • The International Stock Exchange (TISE) has made multiple promotions following what has been a record-breaking year for the business. There [...]

    Published On: January 11th, 2022
  • The International Stock Exchange (TISE) listed 1,111 new securities during 2021, surpassing its previous record of 865 set in 2018. [...]

    Published On: January 10th, 2022
  • We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Guernsey Mind to bring you expert advice on mental [...]

    Published On: January 10th, 2022
  • Opportunities for financial services companies to develop new products and services linked to climate change transition will be the topic [...]

    Published On: December 22nd, 2021