Policy Priorities

Future in Focus

The Chamber of Commerce is the biggest business community on the island and encompasses every type of industry within our membership. It is imperative to use the resource and time effectively and ensure that Chamber’s work and support reflects the needs and interests of our members. Our not-for-profit organisation is run by a small number of office staff and a large number of volunteers.

There are innumerable topics on the table and at stake in 2023 which will affect our members,  and we have narrowed its priorities down to three key areas. We’ll be bringing these conversations to the forefront and offer insight and support whenever possible.


The two key focuses within this area are the housing crisis and the East Coast Development Agency, both of which have wide scale impact across all industries and the ability to attract new residents and business owners to the island. If we want our economy to thrive then the underlying supporting infrastructure has to be addressed urgently and cannot be ignored as a top priority.

Human Capital

The shortage of skills and difficulty to recruit has also been felt across all industries and caused a great strain particularly on smaller and medium businesses over the last couple of years. Chamber is working to create a stronger link between Education and the business community, to allow for strategic planning and enhanced upskilling opportunities.

External Relations

Part of the role of the Chamber of Commerce is to look beyond our shores to see what is being done well elsewhere and consider what could be mirrored and achieved on-island, we will do this by making impactful connections with other jurisdictions. Connectivity is paramount to enable effective working relationships and closer links to, in particular, Jersey and France. The strength of these relationships will play an even more vital role as we see the continued cost of living rise.

Running throughout, and inseparable from each of these priorities is a focus on digital and sustainable goals. Guernsey has some way to go on both these points but an enormous amount of potential as long as they are kept at the forefront of all decision making.

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