About Us

Guernsey Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1808, the Chamber of Commerce has over 200 years history of supporting industry to thrive.

In its current form our membership organisation is made up of a wonderful complex mix of businesses in every island sector, passionate volunteers who represent their area and a collective of individuals who provide expert insight and understanding to enable lobbying for the benefit of the community as a whole.

As Guernsey’s leading business networking association supporting local business, charities, not for profits and individuals, we have over 600 members representing the full spectrum of Guernsey’s vibrant and diverse community. We lobby and support organisations in every sector and continue to further grow our membership.

Our purpose is to enable a business community that is innovative, inclusive and competitive.

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Our Charity of the Year – GSPCA

The Chamber of Commerce, as an organisation that represents businesses and promotes economic growth in a local community, also supports charitable causes within the community. Selecting a charity of the year allows us to focus our efforts and resources, helping raise their profile within the business community, building a stronger relationship with the charity and its supporters, and making a more significant impact in the community.  The charity is selected by our members and is a way for us to give back to the community and demonstrates our dedication to making a positive impact beyond business development. 

Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce the GSPCA as our selected charity of the year for 2023.  The GSPCA have a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to provide a safe and loving environment for animals as well as education and outreach programs to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.  

We are committed to supporting organisations that make a positive impact on our community, and we are honoured to partner with the GSPCA. 

For lots of ideas how you or your business can support them take a look at their corporate support information on their website 

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