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Guernsey Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1808, the Chamber of Commerce has over 200 years history of supporting industry to thrive.

The Chamber add value to your business by tackling the issues our members face; articulating your challenges and finding solutions by connecting the dots. As a credible, trusted partner for business, we’ve become the go-to place for support, signposting and authentic insights. We’re here to distil policy and translate the business agenda – from Covid-19 recovery, to net zero and skills – into tangible support. And we campaign and advocate on behalf of the businesses we represent, listening to you, articulating your hopes and challenges and finding solutions.

Our members create a powerful knowledge platform. We use the outstanding skill and talent in our local business base to bring together the best and the brightest on your behalf. From advocacy and networking to analysis, insights and expertise, we broker solutions to your business challenges.

Guernsey Chamber is also your gateway to business and offering connectivity through our networks and partnerships. Our contacts and your expertise help build an outward-looking bailiwick, business growth and a thriving local economy.

Through a combination of events, meetings, training and shared expertise, members can find practical solutions and tangible guidance for a range of business challenges, policy and an ever-evolving business agenda.

Memorandum and Articles of Association (as adopted at EGM on 12.11.2020)

Our Charity of the Year 2024 

We have chosen the financial inclusion charity Guernsey Community Savings as our Charity of the Year for 2024.

This partnership builds on our commitment to supporting initiatives that make a meaningful impact in our community.

Guernsey Community Savings is a remarkable charity that arranges access to basic banking services for individuals facing obstacles in opening a retail bank account. Whether due to account closures, poor credit histories, or a lack of necessary documentation, GCS steps in to bridge the gap. Plus, they actively deliver financial education, empowering individuals to manage their finances effectively.

GCS plays a crucial role in our community, and we are proud to support their mission, ensuring that no one in the Bailiwick is left behind due to financial exclusion. By naming GCS as our Charity of the Year, we are encouraging our members to join us in supporting them with their time, knowledge, skills and of course money which will make a significant difference in the lives of those facing financial challenges.

Since it opened its doors in September 2020, GCS has provided life-changing support to more than 140 islanders who had previously been excluded from society because they didn’t have a bank account.

Peter Neville, founder and Chair of GCS says, ‘It’s an honour to be selected by Chamber as their Charity of the Year. There is a lot of synergy between what we do to help people who have been financially excluded and what Chamber has done over the past year, working with the banks and the GFSC to improve financial services in the community, particularly for business customers.

‘Our partnership with Chamber will also support our work on financial education as we’ll be able to gain insight from Chamber members on the financial literacy needs they encounter when they are recruiting and developing their employees.

‘We’re a small charity with limited resources and this partnership with Chamber will make a significant difference to us. We are very much looking forward to working with Chamber and its members in the year ahead.’

For more information about Guernsey Community Savings, call 01481 700360, e-mail information@gcs.gg or visit www.gcs.gg

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