Specsavers is a Partnership of nearly 2,000 locally-run businesses, committed to delivering high quality, affordable optical and hearing care in the communities they serve.

Each store is part-owned and managed by its own directors, who are shareholders of their own businesses but who are supported by key specialists in support offices, who provide a range of services, such as marketing, accounting, IT and wholesaling, among others.

This partnership ensures that the opticians and audiologists who run their stores can concentrate on delivering what they do best – provide expert eye and hearing care to their customers.

There are now more than 2,500 Specsavers partners worldwide, all working towards the same vision, a vision founded by Doug and Mary Perkins 30 years ago in Guernsey. Back in 1984, Doug and Mary pioneered the optical joint venture partnership model and also revolutionised the industry with their innovative concept of affordable, fashionable eyecare for everyone, at a time when high prices for optical care and limited choice were the norm.

It is a formula that works: today, the Specsavers Partnership is the world’s largest optical retailer with more than 1,650 stores operating across 10 countries. In 2012/13, we saw 11.6% more customers and continued to grow the business with an increase in total revenue of 6.9%.