While all of the island’s main business groups have called for an extension to consider the implications and impact of the extensive Discrimination Proposals, Deputy Michelle Le Clerc has refused to accede to that request.

Employment & Social Security will not be extending the consultation period on their draft proposals for new multi-ground discrimination legislation.

The consultation will close on Monday 30 September 2019.

In response to calls from the Guernsey Branch of the Institute of Directors, Guernsey International Business Association, Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Guernsey Industry and the Chartered Institute of Personal Development for an extension to the consultation period, Deputy Michelle Le Clerc, President of the Committee, said:

“The Committee will not be extending the consultation period which is due to close on 30 September. The consultation was launched on 9 July and will run for 12 weeks in total. The Committee feels that this is an adequate period of time for people to review the draft proposals and provide their feedback. The longer than usual length of the consultation period took account of the fact that part of this period ran over the school summer holidays.

“We’re committed to bringing the final policy proposals for the new legislation to the States for debate by April 2020 and the Committee still has lots of work to do. After the consultation closes, all of the feedback received will be analysed during October and considered by the Committee. We’ll then need to decide whether to change aspects of the proposals in response to the feedback received before preparing a Policy Letter for consideration by the States. The Committee needs sufficient time to do this work thoroughly.”

More information on the draft proposals and a consultation questionnaire can be found online at www.gov.gg/discriminationconsultation.