The Policy & Resources Committee have announced the States Members who will form a new Sub-Committee that will look to deliver the review of services and savings.

At the February States Meeting, the States Assembly agreed by majority to;

“Direct the Policy & Resources Committee to establish a Sub-Committee working with Principal Committees, the States’ Trading Supervisory Board and wider States Members, and after effective engagement with the community, to identify and review essential community services and to consider whether structural change, cessation, outsourcing and/or commissioning of those services could deliver significant savings having regard to:

  • the relevance of universal offers in the provision of services;
  • value for money and the opportunities for potential efficiencies in service delivery;
  • the operating models for the States’ trading assets;
  • and to incorporate these into a medium-term plan for delivering overall cost reductions of at least £10m-£16m over five years to be considered by the States by the end of 2024.”

The membership will comprise of three States members, along with two members from outside the States. The Committee can confirm the following have accepted an invitation to join.

Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller
Deputy Carl Meerveld
Deputy Simon Vermeulen
Mr Dave Beausire

A further member from outside the States and the Committee will will be appointed in due course.