Deputy Peter Ferbrache was put on the spot by the local business community during this month’s Chamber lunch.

The President of Policy & Resources was invited by Chamber to answer questions on the Government Work Plan and the proposals for funding key capital projects such the hospital modernisation and the Education programme. 

After concluding a lengthy speech which centred around the ‘difficult decisions’ the Island need to make following chronic underinvestment, and urging his fellow States members to ‘stand up and be brave’ when the funding and investment debate takes place in September, Deputy Ferbrache took questions from the room.

There was several heads nodding in agreement that the time for making bold decisions is now, but not all agree that GST is the solution. One questioner called GST a ‘sticking plaster’ and urged Government to review more structural decisions such as means-tested benefits, to ensure those who can pay, pay and support is redirected to where it’s needed the most.

Deputy Ferbrache responded with a call on the room to come up with a fully costed proposal as to how States Finances can plug the deficit  – abducting responsibility perhaps, but a challenge that maybe Chamber should take on?

What do you think? Is this Government passing the buck, or is fresh thinking from the business community needed to find an alternative, and solid solution?

One thing we, local business and Government agree on is that not just about balancing the books for today and tomorrow, but securing a bright and sustainable future for generations to come.

To watch the full event, click below.