Although the great news about Phase 5 has now been announced, many local retailers are facing huge challenges around their continued operation and the need to Buy Local to support them has probably never been greater.

After weeks of lockdown and then the necessary restrictions around limited opening, many businesses are fighting for survival. Your custom really could make the difference between them being able to continue or having to shut doors.

While States co-funding has been a welcome form of support for employees, businesses themselves have had to continue paying high overheads including utilities, rent, rates and upkeep.  It is a list which is substantial at any time but especially when doors have been closed for trading for so many weeks.

Guernsey Chamber is doing all that it can with the sector to try to support them and lobby for further financial help from the States. Our community has been hugely impressive in pulling together through this dreadful crisis and we hope that might be uppermost in your minds when you consider where to buy goods that are available on-island.

We are providing free avenues for retailers to market and promote themselves and are sharing any social media posts. In addition to our lobbying and engagement, we are preparing a strong “Buy Local” campaign. Please consider all of the thousands of hard working local people employed in Retail before being tempted to click that button online!