❖ An exhibition by Sergei Sogokon, a renowned Ukrainian artist,

❖ Opens on Wednesday 12th October until 19th October at Guernsey Chamber of Commerce.

Sergei is originally from Kharkiv, the Ukrainian city which has been under attack being shelled daily since 24 February.

The proceeds are going to support Ukraine in its struggle to protect all of us in this world as we know it, against Putin’s mad desire to kill this planet ultimately. The world can be facing nuclear attack, or at least be drawn into WW3. There will be no winners.

This exhibition is about the timeless beauty, which is very fragile. You will not see any images of the war here. But the danger of beauty disappearing is immediate and real.

It is also about to show solidarity with Ukraine, the country with its own identity, rich culture and history going back 2,000 years, huge natural resources and amazing human talents. And most importantly, the border between democracy and barbarity. The fight of David and Goliath.

This worthy country, they say, is being destroyed right now: “The pain of seeing your country being torn apart, whilst elsewhere seemingly normal life continues, is unbearable. Ukraine is not simply asking for money, we are asking you to help us to protect the world and democracy. Everything in our modern world is interconnected, and this tragic war has the potential to escalate into a major world conflict. There will be no winners if such a terrible fate should befall us all.”

Sergei has lived here for several years. He appreciates the beauty of Jersey, it’s peacefulness and the feeling of the mystery of its ancient past.

He specialises in still life photography. His works are immaculately detailed and richly symbolic, reminiscent of the Dutch Renaissance still life paintings. They contain symbolism and personal resonances for him, evoking the transience of life, celebrations of beauty and reminders of its fragility. Each object is selected with great regard to its shape, colour and texture. The most

important element for Sergei is the light, and he passionately safeguards the secrets of his specialist lighting techniques. His favourite media is high gloss photographic paper bonded to an aluminium base that make his works look seemingly alive.

The collection featured are limited editions and are available in a bespoke format and size upon request on the aluminium or canvas.

Association of Ukrainians in Jersey – Contact – Lera Evered – lerake@gmail.com