April’s Guernsey Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn event hosted Andre Duquemin, Founder of Three Brain Training. At the event, Andre highlighted how most professionals believe the brain acts as the CEO of the rest of the body. Research has identified that this isn’t the case, and instead, our hearts and guts can gather, process, store and act upon information via their own nervous systems – leading to the three-brain concept.

Andre has more than 20 years of experience as an Osteopath, specialised in trauma since 2011 and has studied the neuroscience of stress and high-performance for the past decade. He explained that professionals in today’s world have to cater to a number of factors to prevent stress and burnout.

Our nervous system is designed to manage a lion attack but in today’s world, where lions aren’t lurking around every corner, we have the same reaction to negative client emails and 24-hour news on top of managing relationships and responsibilities.

There are a number of simple steps that professionals can take to prevent burnout. But Andre stressed the need for education in senior positions within businesses to destigmatise these steps. He explained how eating healthy isn’t stigmatised for benefiting your physical health so why should taking time to care for your psychological health be looked down upon.

Andre finished the session by teaching participants a ‘drop the anchor’ stress relief technique and answering questions from the audience.

Andre delivers one-to-one sessions but also advises businesses on their internal approach to health and arranges longer corporate health talks. You can contact him on: andre@threebraintraining.com or find more information here: https://www.threebraintraining.com/