8 August 2023 celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Beatles playing at Candie Gardens.
Brought over by Baron Pontin in 1963, the Fab Four played to a packed auditorium. Over the next seven years the boys would go on to become one of the most successful bands the world has ever seen – influencing music, fashion and society, to this very day, with the memory of their night in Guernsey still shining brightly in the minds of the Island community – who had the chance to be there on the night!

Twist And Shout!
As part of celebrating the anniversary, Guernsey Arts is hosting and curating a summer exhibition of local artists within the greenhouse gallery. The exhibition will be taking inspiration from The Beatles visit to the Channel Islands, as well as paying homage to local photographer Fiona Adams’ iconic Twist and Shout EP cover – described by the National Portrait Gallery as one of the defining images of the 20th Century.

Celebrating Success with Skipton International
The exhibition will be running from the 21 July to 3 September, with special music events
scheduled to take place on 6 and 8 August. Guernsey Arts are delighted to be partnering
with local bank Skipton International to celebrate the lasting impact of the Beatles for the Island’s community.
“Skipton International champions community values, quality and excellence. We are grateful for their support in helping us to bring back the innovative spirit of The Beatles to Candie Gardens – and for helping us to reinterpret their works and shake it up visually in a new light with our vibrant arts community. Photography, Visual Arts, Music and Performance will all have a place in celebrating this iconic anniversary and with the help of Skipton International, we look forward to inspiring Islanders to engage with this initiative” said Russ Fossey, Head of Arts Development, Guernsey Arts.

Aaron Walden, Senior Commercial Manager, Skipton International, said:
“We are already long-standing partners with ArtHouse Jersey, and felt the time was right to show our support to the arts in Guernsey.

“The Beatles are such an iconic band, who were true trailblazers in their field. Celebrating the 60th
anniversary of their performance in Candie Gardens, plus the concept of creating new memories for the Island’s community to share and celebrate made it an easy decision for us. I’d encourage
everyone in Guernsey, young or old, to engage with this fabulous initiative and to come and view it
throughout the summer.”

Did you almost see the Beatles?
Do you have a memory – or memento – of 1963? Maybe you saw the Beatles or remember what it
felt like to have them on the Island? Please get in touch with the Guernsey Arts team on info@arts.gg