18th February 2020

As 2020 shows its green leanings, we are delighted to be able to offer Chamber Members 10% off litter pickers and 20% off pocket ashtrays.

Litter Pickers

Why not get a pack of 5 of these litter picker pro’s from us? A receptionist or facilities manager could easily store them and loan them to staff who are going on beach cleans or wombling activities at no extra cost to your infrastructure. (Usually £75 for a pack of 5.)

Rather than plastic bags or hoops for collecting, experience has taught us that re-purposed receptacles such as old paint tins provide great (and free) companions to these pickers to complete the kit and keep more things out of the waste stream.

All proceeds to Pick It Up Guernsey’s ongoing activities.

Pocket Ashtrays

With generous funding from the Co-op’s Eco-Fund we have been able to get in a bulk order of pocket ashtrays from a French company called “Le Poket” (so cool that we could have bought them just for that!) printed up in eco-friendly vegetable ink and bespoke messaging for Guernsey – “Guernsey is not an ashtray”.

They are cardboard and thus biodegradable if they become litter themselves. We are selling them on at cost price to re-invest proceeds and make the generous gift we received a sustainable one. We can offer a promotional 20% off the cost price of 25p each to Chamber members to get the word out but limited to 1,000 ashtrays on a first come first served basis. Batches of 100 or more only (just £20!).

Why not get some to give to staff or customers so they are still free to end users and get the message out there and showcase your environmental credentials?

All proceeds re-invested in more pocket ashtrays (which will include an increasing variety over time).

To place an order, or to find out more, please contact us at hello@cleanearthtrust.org or by calling Andrew Munro on 07781 400426.

Pick it Up Guernsey is an initiative of the Clean Earth Trust (CH 592).