23rd February 2022

All Bailiwick organisations that handle personal data have a legal responsibility to register, or renew their existing registration, with the Office of the Data Protection Authority (ODPA) by 28 February 2022.

More at: https://www.odpa.gg/news/news-article/?id=0b9e4856-658e-ec11-b400-000d3aaacec0

* Guidance on registration
View the range of guidance and resources to support people who may be new to the ODPA registration process: https://www.odpa.gg/registration/guidance-on-registration/

* Need help?
We run fortnightly drop-ins throughout the year for any organisations that need support, view drop-in calendar at: http://www.odpa.gg/drop-ins

* Beyond registration
Registration is just the start, find out what your legal obligations are when working with people’s data: https://www.odpa.gg/registration/beyond-registration/