👀 LAST CHANCE TO JOIN! – Japanese Calligraphy workshop 🎌

Here are the sessions available, kindly note some hours had to be changed:

-Adults and children:
Price: £10 per person
Date: November 26
Times: 11.30 pm-12.30pm
Duration: 1h

Adults and children only (separately):

Price: £15 per adult/ £7 per child
Date: November 26
Times: 10 am-11.30am (adults) – 12.30am- 1.30pm (children)
Duration: 1h30 (adults) – 1h (children)

This workshop will be taught by Ms. Naoko Mauger who is a Japanese calligrapher. She began studying calligraphy when she was 6 years old and recently obtained her “Shihan”, the Associate Master Japanese calligraphy license. When she is not practicing calligraphy, Naoko is passionate about teaching Japanese culture. She has previously run Japanese language and culture classes at Accent Language school, the Guernsey College of Further Education, and WEA Community College and has also advised on Japanese business etiquette for a corporate company.

Naoko organized a Japanese Sake charity event in Guernsey in 2017. In 2019, she was a contributor to the successful Guernsey Museum event Japan & Back Again, including delivering a lecture on Japanese Culture. Recently she appeared on ITV Channel Islands discussing the Japanese cultural tradition ‘Misogi’.

To book please contact us on:
info@accent.gg | 01481714909