Heartbeat House was opened in 1995 for the sole use of relatives of patients treated at the Wessex Cardiac Centre. The main House has 20 rooms, and the Annexe, added in 2005, which is generally dedicated to families of young cardiac patients, has a further 5 rooms. Since the outset all guests have stayed, and still stay, free of charge and most are able to remain in the House for as long as their relative is in hospital. Guests come from across Wessex as well as the Channel Islands and further afield. 

Currently Heartbeat House costs the Charity around £90k a year to run and benefits around 2000 people a year.

The Charity runs an ‘AdoptARoom’ Scheme where rooms are adopted for £240 for one year or £20 per month for one year.

In June 2015 the Duke of Connaught Masonic Lodge adopted room 18 in Heartbeat House, this was felt it was an appropriate number for the Lodge to adopt due to their number being 1834.