Duforest AI, a pioneering provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and education, today announced it has been accredited as an early developer of ChatGPT Plugins by OpenAI. This prestigious recognition will see Duforest AI creating its inaugural suite of plugins, set to launch soon in the ChatGPT Plugins Marketplace.

OpenAI extended the invitation via email, expressing its excitement and anticipation for the “magical experiences” that Duforest AI will create. The accreditation places Duforest AI among an elite group of developers tasked with advancing the capabilities and applications of ChatGPT, one of the world’s leading language models.

“Receiving this accreditation from OpenAI is an exciting moment for our team,” said Simon Kirkpatrick, Founder of Duforest AI. “Our role as educators and advisors in the field of AI perfectly positions us to contribute meaningful innovations to the ChatGPT ecosystem.”

Duforest AI is renowned for its commitment to applying AI within business to deliver competitive advantage and substantial ROI for its clients. This includes offering a Fractional Chief AI Officer (FCAIO) service, providing organisations with access to expert AI leadership without the need for a full-time executive.

The company also boasts a robust portfolio of ChatGPT courses, catering to a wide range of organisational roles, from executives to IT staff. These offerings underscore Duforest AI’s belief in the transformative power of AI and its commitment to fostering an educated workforce able to harness it.

“With our forthcoming ChatGPT Plugins, we aim to continue our mission of bringing the power of AI to businesses of all sizes,” Kirkpatrick stated. “We look forward to sharing our creations with the ChatGPT community and beyond.”

Duforest AI will share further details about its upcoming ChatGPT Plugins closer to the official launch. For more information about Duforest AI and its innovative solutions, visit [https://duforest.ai](https://duforest.ai/).


About Duforest AI
Duforest AI are pioneering advisors and educators in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Duforest AI focuses on the application of AI within business, striving to deliver a competitive edge and ensure a substantial ROI for its clients. Duforest AI provides a Fractional Chief AI Officer (FCAIO) service, offering cost-effective access to expert AI leadership without the need for a full-time executive.

Simon Kirkpatrick, Founder, Duforest AI

Phone: 073 8811 8811 | Email: simon@duforest.ai | Website: https://duforest.ai