Built environment expert David Falla heads Chamber’s Infrastructure Policy Group and recently presented a thought-provoking document on the challenges and opportunities around the eastern seaboard. The business organisation has several expert Industry Group members involved in potential enhancement projects which would add to both the economic health and lifestyle surroundings of the island’s harbours and esplanades.

Chamber is particularly keen to see redevelopment activity to make best use if the Town harbour and its surroundings and its infrastructure specialists, together with the Blue Economy members are working hard at progressing some of the available options. After 10 years of consultation, and a myriad different schemes, the business organisation wants to effect the same impressive outcome achieved more than 200 years ago when Chamber played a pivotal role in developing and upgrading the Town harbour.

On behalf of Chamber, David Falla recently presented to the seafront enhancement working group. He pointed out that ‘Ensuring that the Seafront contributes to the economic engine of Guernsey is a top priority with the additional provision of a balance of new commercial, hospitality, housing and other mixed uses. Maintaining the cohesion and vitality of the hinterland of the harbour areas including the Old Quarter is important as it being sure to avoid allowing secondary and inner areas of St Peter Port to decline in the shadow of the Seafront regeneration.’