GCFEO is a registered charity working with ex-offenders in three main areas, accommodation, community and employment. Practical and emotional support in these areas assists in rehabilitation back into the community and reduces repeat offending. GCFEO has one full time member of staff, two part time and 22 volunteers who come from all Christian denominations and act as mentors, prison visitors and support staff.

Current prisoners can link in with GCFEO for support and on release a mentor can be matched to an individual ex-prisoner. They act as a befriender who can assist in daily activities, liase with statutory agencies or just meet for a coffee and a chat. 

Alongside suitable accommodation, securing employment is an important part of re-integrating back into society and GCFEO assist not only to find employment but support and advice on keeping it. We are always looking for suitable employers who would be willing to employ an ex-offender and to whom GCFEO will offer appropriate support and advice to do so. We work closely with the Prison, Probation Service, Police and Social Security.