Digital Greenhouse

The Digital Greenhouse has been established by the States of Guernsey to act as a focal point for the growth of the digital and creative sector. It is designed to support effective collaboration, co-working, networking and learning to enable successful innovation to thrive in Guernsey.


The three main roles of the Digital Greenhouse are to:

  1. Stimulate and accelerate start-up and growth activity in the digital and creative sector
  2. Improve the skills, knowledge and experience people and business have with technology and digital services
  3. Promote the island as a stand out jurisdiction for entrepreneurship, and as a destination for new business and businesses


Its objectives are to support the increase in:

  1. Employment opportunities in this sector and the diversification of the economy
  2. Productivity & innovation in existing businesses through the use of technology and creative processes.
  3. Start-up and entrepreneurial activity through the use of technology and creative processes.

The Premises

The Digital Greenhouse provides a dedicated space to accelerate start-up and growth activity in Guernsey’s digital and creative sectors. There is a co-working space where entrepreneurs can sit down together and work on their business ideas, private meeting rooms and ample space for hosting events to share skills, knowledge and inspiration and to promote further collaboration and innovation.



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Digital Greenhouse
Market Street