Wessex Heartbeat (Registered Charity Number 1116510)

Wessex Heartbeat (WHB) was established in 1992 and is a registered charity providing support to the Wessex Cardiac Centre (WCC) at Southampton General Hospital, its patients and their loved ones.

Wessex Heartbeat helps make a real difference to the care of the 20,000 patients treated at the Centre annually, including 1,000 babies and children born with congenital heart defects.

Wessex Heartbeat’s work helps provide medical, practical and emotional support to heart patients and their loved ones.

Wessex Heartbeat provides funding for specialist medical equipment, cardiac research, patient services and refurbishment of hospital facilities and runs Heartbeat House, a free home from home for patients’ families and carers whilst their loved one is in hospital, which can be for weeks or months.

Patients treated at the Centre come from a wide region of southern England, including Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, West Sussex, Wiltshire, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

WHB has raised over £16 million for since its foundation.

WHB does not receive any Government funding and is solely funded by the generosity of individuals and organisations, who contribute through voluntary donations, fundraising events, corporate support and legacies. 

Heartbeat House

Heartbeat House was opened in 1995 for the sole use of relatives of patients treated at the Wessex Cardiac Centre. The House has 25 rooms and since the outset all guests have stayed, and still stay, free of charge. The House is just a few minutes from the wards and guests are normally able to stay for as long as their relative is in hospital. Guests come from across Wessex as well as the Channel Islands and further afield. 

Currently Heartbeat House costs the Charity around £90,000 a year to run and benefits in excess of 2100 people a year.The Charity runs an ‘AdoptARoom’ Scheme where rooms are adopted for £240 for one year or £20 per month for one year.