RotorSwing is proud to introduce a revolutionary new boat stabilization system for vessels in the 10 to 30 meter range. The fully electronic retractable system delivers high performance roll reduction whilst underway or at zero speed without the need for hydraulically operated fins or gyros. The added benefit of producing far greater amounts of lift force required to stabilize a boat compared to any other system available makes the RotorSwing system a truly unique piece of technology set to change the way many boats operate.

A vessel fitted with a RotorSwing system will benefit from good stability in rough sea conditions whilst underway, when anchored or maneuvering at slow speeds. The RS system has a wide application from high speed semi displacement vessels, displacement cruisers and commercial vessels alike where good stability on board is preferential for comfort and safety. The system performs extremely well at slower speeds where fins are not so effective meaning high performance stabilization is delivered when it is most needed.