The first payments being made by the States to support businesses and their teams are expected to be sent tomorrow and reach recipients’ bank accounts from Tuesday.
The States team responsible said today that an entire new admin system has been created in a very short time:
“Update on payment of support measures: we sent out forms to all the businesses who had registered with Business Support yesterday. We have already received a good few of those back and are now processing these to check on the eligibility of the claim and then put these into payment.
“We have a sizeable team working on this and will try to do all of these as quickly as we can. We are hopeful that we can begin making the first payments tomorrow – Friday –  (all being well). However, as these payments need to clear through the banking system, they will not show up in recipients bank accounts until probably Tuesday of next week.We have basically had to set up a whole new system in less than a week! We will be learning as we go along, and there are bound to be teething issues. The other thing to note is that not everyone will get paid on Tuesday. It might take us a week or so to get through all the claims – but we will go as fast as we possibly can and add more resource if needed.”