Stuart Falla CBE has submitted his resignation from his roles as Chair of the Development Agency and as a non-political member of the States’ Trading Supervisory Board.

Mr Falla said:

“The past few months have been a period of some emotional turmoil for me and my family as a result of the demise of the group that I helped to create.  Even though I stepped down from being a director seven years ago, seeing the group fall apart as a result of COVID-related inflation has been like losing a close family member.

I have therefore been taking stock recently of whether the time is right for me personally to fully commit myself over the next three years to the very big undertaking that is the establishment of the Development Agency.  I still believe it is essential to have such an independent body if Guernsey is going to be serious about maintaining a strong economy for the coming generations.  Now is an opportunity for new, fresh talent to take this project forward and build it into something truly game-changing.

I have very much enjoyed my work with STSB and with the Development Agency and I wish those who will take our work forward all the very best, as Guernsey is counting on them.”

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, President of the Policy & Resources Committee said:

“I would like to thank Stuart for the invaluable experience he has brought to his roles with the States.  We have been very fortunate to have someone with his exceptional experience and proven track record working with us for the benefit of the community.  He has a deep passion for Guernsey and has helped to drive forward the new Development Agency.  And I fully share his conviction that it is an essential body for the future of the Island’s economy, and we must now look at how best we can get it fully up and running.  We have been very fortunate indeed to have had the benefit of Stuart’s insight and intelligence for so many years.  Guernsey is also very fortunate to have benefitted from his contributions.”

Deputy Peter Roffey, President of the States’ Trading Supervisory Board said:

“I’m very sorry to learn of Stuart’s decision.  His contribution to the States’ Trading Supervisory Board has been quite exceptional and he has played a big part in developing the STSB since its inception.  I’d particularly like to thank him for the work he has done as Chair of both Guernsey Ports and Guernsey Dairy, and in supporting the shareholder function of STSB.  It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Stuart and to see him apply his immense experience, energy and knowledge to the benefit of the people of Guernsey.”

Details on the process for appointing to the two roles currently held by Mr Falla will be issued in due course.

States of Guernsey Press Release