The States Assembly is being asked to agree the formal establishment of the Guernsey Development Agency and endorse the appointment of three board members and a Chair.

In a policy letter published today, the Policy & Resources Committee is seeking States approval on the final detail of how the Guernsey Development Agency will operate, its relationship with the States, the expectations and outputs of the GDA during its initial two-and-a-half years of operation, and the funding provided by the States to the GDA during this time.

The proposals included development principles and objectives for the GDA. These are intended to be sufficiently high level to facilitate the consideration of a wide range of opportunities for Guernsey’s east coast whilst providing focus so that the States’ priorities are delivered. There are eight development principles and five objectives.

The States are being asked to endorse Peter Watson as the new Chair of the GDA, along with Simon Kildahl and Louis Le Poidevin as board members. All three have extensive relevant experience and their CVs have been published as part of the policy letter.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, President of the Policy & Resources Committee, said:

‘The co-ordinated development of Guernsey’s east coast has the potential to be transformative for Guernsey, in equal terms of economic, environmental and social benefit. The significant opportunities arising from the potential development along Guernsey’s east coast have been recognised by Guernsey’s government for decades, with several initiatives seeking to bring forward this development prioritised by various Assemblies over the years.

‘The east coast remains one of Guernsey’s strongest assets, accommodating its two main centres and socio-economic hubs. Despite this, there has been a lack of investment in the infrastructure that supports the activity along Guernsey’s east coast. The infrastructure along the east coast remains a fantastic asset, not least in terms of heritage, and appropriate development has the potential to make a significant and long-lasting positive impact.

‘The establishment of the Guernsey Development Agency provides the opportunity for an arm’s length body to work with community groups, business representative bodies, government stakeholders and infrastructure investors to enable the development of our east coast to secure long-term benefits to our island.’

Peter Watson, Chair designate of the Guernsey Development Agency, said:

‘The establishment of the Guernsey Development Agency provides a real opportunity for Guernsey to realise the significant social, economic and environmental benefits that can be achieved by taking an integrated approach to the development of infrastructure along the east coast.

‘The approval of the Policy Letter will signify the States of Guernsey assembling a Board that has the skills and expertise to deliver these benefits for the whole Island. We are excited to commence engagement with stakeholder groups and the wider public to help identify these development opportunities.’

The policy letter can be read in full at

SOURCE : SoG  release