P&R has no intention of publishing names of individual business claimants

The Policy & Resources Committee has no intention of publishing information capable of identifying individual business claimants.

It will however retain the right to publish summarised and anonymised information on this significant expenditure of public funds put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Committee has sought to reassure the business community as there appeared to be concern and confusion from some business owners.

Treasury lead on the Policy & Resources Committee, Deputy Mark Helyar, said

“Regrettably there has been confusion about these requirements which have been extensively misreported particularly in social media. The Policy & Resources Committee has no intention of publishing details of individual claims, nor has it ever stated that this was the intention of reserving these rights. Tens of millions of pounds of public money are currently being paid out in business support. It is vitally important that these funds go to claimants who need them and that the public, in due course, understand where the money has gone. As with all these issues, if people have concerns we would always encourage them to contact us for clarification.”