The latest Lunch and Learn event series offers expert insight, community support and advice on business best practice, thanks to our sponsors JT who are supporting our second quarter four-part event programme.

Chamber welcomes to chance to be partnering with JT, a company with rich history going back nearly 130 years on the island. In the forthcoming sessions we will be covering Health and Wellbeing (the science behind stress), Social responsibility (how to ensure your company is giving back as effectively as possible), Tech savvy tips (the Guernsey Police talk through how to steer clear of scams) and expert advice from the sponsors themselves.

All of the details can be found below and on Eventbrite, with the first session being held on Thursday 28th April. The Lunch and Learn series is held at Chamber’s Business Development Centre in the Markets Inner Street and the events are FREE for members with a nominal charge for non-members. They all include a healthy lunch and refreshments.

Book How to Avoid Burnout with Andre Duquemin – 28th April

Book Guernsey Police Advice on Cyber Security & Avoiding Scams – 17th May

Book Is Your Social Responsibility Programme Actually Making A Difference with Joni Nettleship – 7th June

Book for Expert Tech Insight from JT Limited – 21st June

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