Helping businesses to launch and develop is at the heart of Guernsey Chamber. We recognise the enterprising mindsets and, in part, bravery of those who decide to turn their dreams into business reality. Illustrating the diversity of owner-founded organisations in our community, these three entrepreneurs summarise their exciting initiatives.

Andrew Clements created Edease – an education technology company.

Edease is working globally and growing substantially with a mission of teaching the world about jobs; finding those with innate skills and connecting them to the industries and employers who want and need them.

‘We provide a platform where young people can access interactive videos to learn about jobs, directly from employers. The videos contain education about the company, the job and the skills required to succeed from the people that do the job in that company.

‘We ensure each video has education about required skills in the job. The video has real world/case study assessments with questions built into it to assess the competency and potential in learners for that job,’ said Andrew.

The assessment data is made available to employers and learners. It shows how well learners performed in the assessment (i.e. what level of relevant knowledge and skills they possess for that job). ‘We do not share any academic qualifications, background, or gender information about the learners. This way learners have an equal playing field to access job opportunities. It takes the bias out of recruitment. Just because you have a ‘D’ in English Literature does not mean you shouldn’t get an opportunity to apply for a mechanical apprenticeship.’

Andrew explained that part of the appeal for employers is that they get the chance to access much wider, diverse talent pools. They can engage with every single ‘applicant’. ‘They receive detailed data on how people are accessing their content but most importantly, they are able to discover the people with the relevant skills who are best suited to the jobs they are recruiting for.’

Madvi Harchad is a Guernsey-based entrepreneur who has created a sustainable business based around her links with Madagascar

Although being of Indian origin, Madvi believes that her heart belongs to Madagascar, the island she called home for more than two decades. She was born in Antananarivo, the tongue-twisting capital of the Red Island, she spent most of her life in Diego Suarez – a small city in the north of Madagascar; she considers herself a Zanatany – which translates to ‘child of the land’ in Malagasy.

Apart from the obvious beauty and bounty that the island has to offer, what took Madvi’s heart was the embracing nature of the island; how it welcomed her ancestors who arrived by ship a century ago. As she grew up in Madagascar, the difficulties of life omnipresent in certain corners of the island had her thinking; thinking on how she could contribute to the history of her homeland keeping humanism in the centre and that’s how Soava was born.

Madvi intends on taking people on a beautiful journey with Soava. A journey that’ll give insight into the lives of the men and women who work on this island with an eco-responsible approach. Soava is an ethical and responsible Malagasy concept store. The goal is to promote sustainable products fashioned by the local communities of Madagascar, in Europe and her range is constantly growing. It incorporates home accessories, art and design, beauty products and handicrafts.

Sophie Marquis, Gemstone & Fine Art Consultancy

The business model for Marquis Consultancy is a multi faceted service which has at its heart rare, timeless pieces that have value, history and substance.

Her expertise covers:

  • Gemstone Investment
  • Appraisals
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Valuations for Probate & Settlement Collection Management
  • Brokerage
  • Sourcing
  • Bespoke Jewellery Commissions
  • Vetting & Viewing
  • Heirloom re-design.
  • Conservation & Restoration
  • Safe-custody
  • Curation & Installation
  • Bidding Representation

She explained that Marquis is a company with deep rooted values and forward- thinking vision, founded with the intention to create a positive impact. With a background in Fine Art and luxury goods and as a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, and member of the National Association of Jewellers and Institute of Registered Valuers she wanted to bring her experience, expertise and network to contribute to Guernsey.