As Jane St Pier prepares to step down from her role as Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce, we caught up with to reflect on her experiences and insights.

Q: Can you tell us about your professional life outside the Chamber?

A: Every day is different, which I love. I have a variety of part-time commitments – I chair the Convenor and Tribunal Board, a pivotal part of our child welfare system, focusing on child-centric solutions. I’m also a NED at the Guernsey Community Foundation and Guernsey Post.

 I think the common theme between everything I do is engaging with interesting people doing interesting things.

Q: What were the biggest successes and challenges during your tenure at the Chamber?

A: Chamber’s biggest challenge is also its greatest success—meeting the diverse needs of our many members with a lean budget and limited resources.

Chamber has so many facets and they require constant balancing. Is their priority to consult on government policies, host training events,  support small businesses with one-to-one advice, be the voice for business?

There’s always so much to do, but any success is down to the small but mighty office team, and the dedicated Board of Directors – together they are a force for good.

Q: What does the Chamber mean to you?

A: Simply, it means community.

Tom Peters once said, “Business is community, community is business.” This resonates deeply with me.

Guernsey Chamber isn’t just about business; it’s about bringing people together and building something greater than ourselves.

It’s a place where egos are left at the door, and everyone’s contribution is valued. I’ve never left a Chamber event or meeting without being better informed, having thought about something differently, or having encountered a new person or idea. That’s quite something.

Q: How does the Chamber create value for the business community?

A: Chamber does so much behind the scenes—supporting its members, influencing government policy, and creating networking opportunities. Yet, perhaps we need to be louder about our successes and the tangible impact we have.

Our work is vital, and more people should know about it.

Q: What’s next for you after stepping down from the Chamber?

A: I’m not one to sit still! I’m helping to launch At Home In Guernsey, a charity supporting those at risk of homelessness. It’s a new challenge and a chance to keep making a difference. Just as I’ve advocated within the Chamber, this project is about supporting our community’s most vulnerable.

Thanks to Jane for her dedicated and unwavering support.