20th April 2022

Medical Help to Ukraine

Raising £40,000 to Fund 10 VAC machines for Kyiv Military hospital

Two Guernsey residents Nataliya (Ukraine) and Dr Piers Mitchell (Guernsey) are collaborating directly with a team of volunteers at Kyiv Military Hospital. This is a people-to-people project. Introduction Video

Surgeons in Kyiv need 10 VAC machines to decrease air pressure on deep wounds and amputations. This saves lives and helps most severely injured. Detailed Video

Click here to donate. Your donation will contribute directly to relieve real pain for real people.

Humanitarian Aid – Guernsey

Humanitarian Aid Guernsey (CH677) was founded on the simple premise of a mother’s love. Natalia Silvester is Polish born and responding to the horrific images of children in war torn Ukraine pouring over the border into her homeland.

Click here to visit their page

Guernsey Post – Free Postage for Humanitarian Aid Packages to Ukraine

In conjunction with a Polish based organisation, Help Ukraine, Guernsey Post is offering free postage for humanitarian aid packages sent to Ukraine.

Anyone interested in sending parcels should deliver them to the Guernsey Post’s main retail counter at Postal Headquarters. The parcels will be despatched by Guernsey Post to a warehouse in Poland where arrangements have been made for onward transportation to Ukraine.

Help Ukraine have advised that many of the usual supply chains are now unavailable. But the organisation has identified an urgent need for medicines, food rations, blankets, and other humanitarian assistance.

Further advice is available at www.helpukraine.center.en

Help Ukraine advise that Packing must withstand all stages of handling without breaking. It must be clearly labelled with full details of content and the consignee, and normal customs form requirements will need to be completed. The parcels should be clearly marked ‘HELP UKRAINE’ and addressed to: –

Help Ukraine
Rampa Brzeska 63,
22-100 Chełm,

Anyone wishing to send letters or parcels directly to friends and relatives in Ukraine can also do so free of charge by posting at the Envoy House counter but delays are almost certain given the current circumstances.

Visit the Guernsey Post website here

Rotary Club Guernsey

Raising funds for the International Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals.

The Rotary Club of Guernsey is working to raise funds for the International Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals which has members who are working in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries to provide medical services to those affected by the crisis.  The main challenge is treating the many horrific war injuries, many of which have been suffered by children.

The situation is worsening day by day and the direct contact that the Fellowship has with those on the front line has given a picture which is far worse than what we learn from the media.  Hospitals are full to capacity, a lot of the medical infrastructure has been destroyed and many patients are at risk of being left without access to medicine or care.

With no overheads or consultant fees, every penny the Rotary Club of Guernsey can send to the International Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals goes to frontline Rotarians in the countries concerned to help their own people to bring medical help and support to those in need.

If you would like to support this appeal by making a donation, please go to giving.gg below.  Please quote ‘Ukraine Appeal’ when making the donation.

If you know of any other Guernsey organisations supporting Ukraine, please get in touch at alex@guernseychamber.com and we’ll highlight them here