The Shadow Board helping to shape the future of the Guernsey Institute/Guernsey College has stood down after stating that the independence of the GI was at stake and with its President expressing frustration at the lack of States progress.

Julian Winser, Chair of the TGI Shadow Board, said:

‘I think all members of the Shadow Board have felt frustrated at times during the last two-plus years since appointed by the previous Committee. There has been a lot of uncertainty over our role as a result of the 2020 election and a new Committee that understandably wanted to develop its own plans, not to mention contending with the fall out of the global pandemic. As a result of the shift to create a post-16 campus with both The Guernsey Institute and Sixth Form Centre, we recognised that it would be impossible to achieve the aimed-for level of independent corporate governance required for The Guernsey Institute alongside the States provided governance for the Sixth Form Centre. We understand the need for a new solution. As a group of people who have a lot of commercial experience the members of the Shadow Board remain firmly of the view that The Guernsey Institute has the potential to be a truly exceptional provider of technical, vocational and professional learning.  We know that industry will continue to work with TGI to ensure that its students are demand-led in terms of their studies and are work-ready upon their graduation.’

Julian Winser

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture said:

During a recent discussion between the Committee and members of the Shadow Board, it was clear both parties shared concerns and frustration about its set-up. It was also acknowledged that there had been a lack of progress on the development of its governance, due largely to the general election, the pandemic and uncertainty pending the States decision on the new model for secondary and post 16 education.

While the Committee has concluded that the Shadow Board structure introduced by its predecessor is no longer appropriate, it intends to explore what advisory roles members of the Shadow Board can take on to support the Committee’s vision for the Les Ozouets Campus.

The Committee very much recognises the breadth and depth of expertise and industry experience of the various members of the Shadow Board so is keen to jointly explore options to maintain close links with them.

Deputy Bob Murray, Vice-President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, said:

‘I want to thank the members of the Shadow Board for their efforts since appointed by the previous Committee in 2019 and for the positive way they have engaged with us. As a Committee, we have given this subject much thought since we took up office a little over a year ago and inherited the work of our predecessor Committee, and of course the role of the Shadow Board has come into much sharper focus in light of the recent policy decision of the States to co-locate the Sixth Form Centre with the TGI as part of a post-16 learning campus for the whole of our community at Les Ozouets.

‘While we don’t believe the Shadow Board structure is right for where we are currently, the Committee is very keen to explore what the role of an advisory group might look like and the extent to which members of the Shadow Board might be willing to partner with the Committee on such a development. We believe we share the same goals and aspirations for life-long learning and a highly skilled workforce that supports our islands’ economic prosperity, so we would like to explore how we might continue to draw on the considerable expertise of the members of the Shadow Board in some other form.’