“Interesting people doing interesting things”

That was the remark overheard at the inaugural Founders Connect event, and we couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to the support of Sure Business, last week’s event brought together a lively mix of entrepreneurs, business owners, and founders for an evening of conversation, connection and idea-sharing over fresh pizza and cold beer!

The goal of Founders Connect was simple — to create a laid-back space where business minds could mingle without the pressure of rehearsed pitches or prepared speeches. Think of it as a non-networking networking event, where the focus was on fostering connections rather than formalities.

At Chamber, we believe in the magic of community in business, and Founders Connect embodied this philosophy perfectly.

Chief Technical information Officer  at Sure Business Cyrille Joffre attended:

“Connecting our island communities is very much a future focus for us, so it’s great to support an initiative that fosters natural and easy business connections. We hope this event will strengthen current professional relationships and forge new, long-standing ones too. I can say that the atmosphere in the room was vibrant, and the conversation flowed effortlessly; I’ll be attending again.”

Founders Connect was all about letting the conversations flow naturally, creating an environment where meaningful connections could blossom. The diversity of the attendees and laid-back vibes created an atmosphere that was not only enjoyable but also incredibly productive – many attendees walked away with new opportunities and invitations for follow-up conversations.

Here’s to more events that focus on genuine interactions where business networking feels less like a chore and more like an easy conversation.

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