The Chambers of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man recently came together with a common goal: to build strong relationships and work collaboratively.  

Recognising the shared challenges and opportunities faced by their respective islands, the Chambers saw immense value in joining forces. Their meeting served as a platform for open dialogue, idea exchange, and the exploration of mutually beneficial initiatives. By fostering these relationships and working together, the Chambers aim to strengthen their collective voice, pool resources, and drive economic growth across the islands.  

There were many fruitful discussions during the visit to Jersey where Alice Gill Exec Director, engaged with key stakeholders, including the Jersey Business, and Skills Jersey. Together, they openly shared the obstacles they encounter and explored opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth. 

It became evident that by working together, they could overcome the barriers and challenges that hinder their respective economies. Discussions have subsequently focused on the opportunity for data collation and sharing. This promises to be a crucial step towards solidifying the bond between the islands and creating a framework for ongoing cooperation. 

Thanks to the team at GR8 Employment Services & Training Limited, who played a vital role in hosting. The shared vision and commitment of organizations like GR8 Employment Services & Training Limited will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the pan-island partnership. 

Continued collaboration will enable the islands to leverage their collective strengths, share resources, and find innovative solutions to common issues, and hopefully serve as an example of what can be achieved by supporting one another.