In our pursuit to explore innovative and sustainable solutions for our community, the Chamber of Commerce is excited to share an opportunity that could diversify the way we import and export goods to and from the Channel Islands. 

Grain de Sail, is a pioneering company based in St Malo, who are committed to sustainable freight services and open to doing several journeys per week to Jersey /Guernsey, and to the UK depending on demand. They operate with an eco-conscious mindset and utilise their two sailing boats which can carry up to 50T of goods on one vessel and the second vessel can carry up to 250T of goods in pallets (Lo-Lo.) 

The Ports of Jersey and Region of Brittany are aiming to sign a letter of intent for a “green corridor” in July 2024 between PoJ and St Malo.  

Technical Insights and Opportunities: 

Vessels: Grain de Sail operates two vessels, equipped for Lo-Lo (lift-on/lift-off) operations, taking up to 294 pallets (with no weight limit per pallet), requiring dockside cranes for loading and unloading. These ships are not only capable of carrying a significant payload but are also designed with insulation and partitioning systems to transport a wide range of goods, from industrial and pharmaceutical products to fresh and dry commodities. 

Operations: Their approach to logistics, including a warehouse in St Malo and advanced tracking systems, ensures efficient and secure handling of goods. Importantly, their operational model is resilient to weather challenges, promising consistent and reliable service throughout the year. 

Are you interested? 

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