Ben Wratten, Programme Manager, The Digital Greenhouse, shares what’s happening locally

Over the last year, technology developments have surged forward creating an urgent need for companies to evolve and for individuals to upskill. One of the most impactful ways to leverage these changes is to develop a data driven strategy for change. As organisations realise this, we have seen increased interest in subjects like Data Science and Data Analytics and how these can be applied to their businesses.

Celebrating data in Guernsey, The Digital Greenhouse hosted our first Data Driven Guernsey week, kindly sponsored by Frontier Economics; a week of diverse events, including workshops, panels and seminars, where individuals and businesses were offered opportunities to broaden their knowledge and understanding of data.

Real world case studies of data applications, value and potential impacts were explored, with insight into big data models on Guernsey. Frontier Economics took a deep dive into data driven decision making, showcasing big data modelling. Most companies are comfortable using data to provide feedback, i.e. sales targets, conversion rates, etc. but what happens when we use data in a proactive way, to inform decision making?

Whilst we often think of data being used by large corporations, it is more and more important for all businesses to consider how they can make best use of the data they collect. This can include how they identify their target markets, understand and empathise with their customers and also what data may enable them to develop more suitable products and services. Working with Barclay’s Eagle Lab, we joined their UK network to explore data driven design and how understanding data can give businesses the competitive advantage in the start-up world.

However, in any discussion about data, both the ethics of how data is being used and the transparency of organisations are a key topic.

This was highlighted in a panel discussion where Sure Guernsey, Frontier Economics, Black Vanilla and the Office of the Data Protection Authority spoke about the importance for companies of all sizes having up to date processes and policies in place, as well as focusing on transparency to protect reputation.

With a growing interest in data and its value to businesses from all sectors, we are driving forwards a number of new programmes to support people in learning how technology and data can improve productivity and efficiency. Working with Avado Learning, the Digital Greenhouse’s Digital Leadership Bootcamps now run quarterly, fully funded through the SMART Guernsey programme with Agilisys. These sessions take individuals through an understanding of agile methodologies and how to leverage a digital first approach to your business.

Beyond short courses, last year also saw the launch of the first Digital Apprenticeship programme, focused on Data Analytics on Guernsey. With four in the first cohort, the feedback from the individuals and their employers has been very positive. Looking ahead to September, a second cohort will be open for application this coming June and there is no doubt that Guernsey will see a growing number of individuals looking to train in this area.

Here at The Digital Greenhouse, we are keen to create shared learning experiences, encouraging opportunities for collaboration between industries and to help foster diversity in the economy. It
is more important than ever to empathise with your customer and understand what is important to them. In order to do this a business can use data to help shape their products and services to meet their customers’ needs.

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