French ferry links, trading post Brexit and creating a solid business partnership for the future were just some of the topics covered by a visiting St Malo delegation this week. Chamber hosted the visitors at the Business Development Centre and brought them together with local corporates interested in carrying out business on the European mainland.

The visit was organised by the States of Guernsey led by Chris Morris, Head of Trade. All parties have agreed that it offered invaluable insight into the requirements of various businesses and the island as a whole and will be strengthened by a Guernsey Chamber visit there in late autumn.

In a busy one-day schedule, the party met Guernsey Electricity management, Customs and Excise officials, staff at Health and Social care and a variety of businesses at the Chamber gathering. Mr Morris pointed out that, with Brexit in mind, consideration of the movement of goods through St Malo was an important element. The team from Morvan Fils, which included MD Xavier Huarez, explained the opportunities available through their organisation.  All agreed that it appears illogical for goods to be sent from Europe to the UK and then to be shipped on to Guernsey when a direct system was possible.

Any businesses interested in learning more about import/export opportunities with the French mainland and beyond can contact either or Morvan Fils on