From Bank of Dave to tax reform, sold-out events to new systems – the last 12 months have bought challenges, campaigns and new connections for the team at Chamber.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re reflecting on a year marked by new hires, new members and new ambitions. We asked our ever-supportive Board to share some of their highlights of the year.

For our President Di De Garis, the sold-out Gala Dinner emerged as a major high point.

450 members of the business community, dressed in their finery, were in the room to witness to what we have been working on behind the scenes for months – our ‘Better Business Banking’ Campaign. Dave Fishwick was the perfect person to land the message that small businesses need access to all the banking services and products that the big companies take for granted.  The Gala Dinner was a fun and lively platform to deliver this important message.

Chamber’s Executive Director, Alice Gill, has been in post since February 23, and has been responsible for some major internal changes.

I know it’s a bit nerdy, but my highlight has been implementing and getting to grips with our new membership management system, GlueUp. Now we have access to really valuable business data information at one click; what information our members care about, what conversations they want to be part of and what industries they represent. All this data means we can support our membership in more powerful ways with aligned campaigns, events, and knowledge. It’s very exciting, honestly! 

Jane St Pier, Chamber Treasurer, reflects on a thought-provoking event.

Chamber events really punch above their weight, but the one that stands out to me was the lunch in May hosted by Leyla and Evelyn from PWC on Unlocking Human Capital Potential. This is a topic close to my heart; there’s a huge well of untapped talent in the form of women returning to or entering the workforce, and this event skilfully presented the challenges, and offered solutions.  For me, this is the strength of Chamber events – they leave attendees with a new perspective and a call to action. 

Orchard PR’s Brooke Kenyon has been part of Chamber Board since 2021.

It feels like as a collective we’ve learnt so much this year; we have a new team in place, a strategic 3 year plan and significantly, have been questioning what we should and shouldn’t do! This streamlining of efforts and occasionally saying no is hugely important when you have a small (but mighty) team like we do at Chamber. I’m excited to see what this new focus and direction will bring next year. 

If Team Chamber had to pick a word for 2023 it would be ‘growth’ (along with ‘how do we…?’)

It’s been a year of steady progress, new plans and renewed focus –  and we’re anticipating more of the same in 2024. Of course we’re also preparing for more challenges, and opportunities – but always with a focus on advocating for and serving our members.

Stay tuned for more…