Guernsey and its residents have for centuries embraced a Blue Economy, even if, centuries ago, there was no streamline for it! Trade during the days of Cutter rigid sailing cargo boats transiting good and passengers between here and our Continental neighbours brought the need to build ships and boats and, importantly, to maintain them.

In 2019 whilst we have pretty much lost the last of our actual complete boat building companies, through demographics and world economic events and changes, Guernsey’s Blue Economy holds its own with supporting the increasing demands that the leisure and small commercial marine customers place on it.

For 25 square miles of rock in the English Channel we have an immense pool of skills and talent that you would have to travel a hugely long way to find in normal circumstances.

These days we enjoy having the latest super yachts visit, albeit briefly, for victualing and registrations and berthing here for their resident owners to enjoy. Interestingly, it requires as much skill to work on the £5,000 pride and joy of a simple boater as it does the £1.5m.