Chamber are not just here to host dynamic business events and facilitate powerful conversations – we also do great things behind the scenes to bring about change on your behalf.

Last week Chamber flexed its lobbying muscles to successfully influence the Government debate on the islands Electricity Strategy.

It was so satisfying seeing the teams hard work pay off to deliver great results that benefit our island community. The politicians overwhelmingly voted through a strategy that makes some much-needed (and well-overdue) decisions on the structure of electricity market, making it fair and transparent, better regulated –  and the bit that everyone is interested in –  how we generate and supply electricity.

Flexible options

Government has approved in principle a direct cable to France bolstering our supplies, and allowing the diesel power station to slowly retire, they’ve supported options for offshore wind (or tidal energy!) and stretching targets for local solar.

It’s a flexible strategy that will allow the States to make the most of the evolution of technology – so if offshore wind isn’t the right choice and tidal energy becomes more commercially viable, then we have the latitude to make the best choice for the Island.

There is some great info on the States website, click here to learn more.

It’s time for Better Business Banking

The keen Chamber-watchers amongst you will be well aware we are on a mission to lift the lid on the challenges that local businesses face in accessing business banking – and having Dave Fishwick of ‘Bank of Dave’ fame as our keynote speaker for our Gala dinner is really helping raise the profile of our campaign.

And fresh from Economic Developments Scrutiny hearing we have some good news – Government are listening to us! It’s time for Better Business Banking.

At the recent Scrutiny Management Committee Hearing Deputy Inder hit the mark.

We couldn’t agree more about the banks’ social responsibility to serve local communities and also the need to ‘Ping not Post’ on electoral rolls and registry.

Deputy Kazantseva-Miller called for Open Banking, and we are all ears.  This is game-changing for local business and it will boost competition and innovation in the banking sector.

Talks are in-progress to identify solutions

They have confirmed that conversations have been ongoing between Government, banks, and the Association of Guernsey Banks and their next step involves a review of evidence to identify practical solutions.

We’re all set to share insights from our recent members’ survey with the committee and we are already in touch with Deloitte who have been commissioned to collate further evidence for the paper due to be published end of this year. So stay tuned!

Now we have momentum, and the evidence from our members, we are meeting with the relevant people to champion for better business banking as a thriving small business ecosystem benefits us all. It’s not just about supporting businesses; it is about nurturing the very fabric of our communities and ensuring a brighter future for everyone.

If you would like to get involved or share your experiences, contact and become part of the voice of Chamber.