The Chamber of Commerce supports the release of a forward-thinking electricity strategy that promises to deliver enhanced security, resilience and sustainable energy for the island of Guernsey. The strategy, which includes ambitious solar targets and encourages local renewables generation, marks a significant step towards a more environmentally responsible and secure energy future. 

One of the key highlights of the new policy is the approach to tariffs, granting greater flexibility to incentivise local generation. This progressive approach aims to unlock the full potential of renewable energy sources on the island. By fostering a favourable environment for solar energy, the strategy promotes the growth of local expertise in renewables, leading to economic empowerment and higher levels of independence for the island. 

Rupert Dorey, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, voiced his support for the electricity strategy, emphasizing its potential benefits: “Firstly we need a second cable – this is the key enabler for all of the other proposals in the policy. This decision cannot be delayed. Its urgent we get on with this to allow the island to continue the great job it’s done decarbonising our electricity, and it will also be instrumental in the enablement of constructing offshore wind generating assets and significant on island solar power. 

“We also commend the decision to retain responsibility for retaining the electricity grid within Guernsey Electricity (and hence States control.) This not only ensures stability and avoids duplication of investment, but also makes GEL the conduit for all electricity from suppliers on a level playing field, including local generation. While it may not always be the lowest-cost option in the short term, this strategic choice encourages the development of local renewables and paves the way for the integration of serious offshore wind initiatives in the future.” 

Rupert further elaborated, “The new electricity strategy leaves no room for a ‘do nothing’ option. Doing nothing is the most expensive alternative and involves higher levels of fossil fuel derived generation – which we all agree is simply not the answer. The recommended Option D offers the broadest appeal and checks the most boxes, while also being assessed as the second-cheapest option.  It’s a thorough piece of work and we believe that it should be endorsed by the States without delay.” 

The electricity strategy represents a significant milestone in Guernsey’s journey towards a sustainable energy future. By encouraging local generation, fostering expertise in renewables, and adopting cost-effective solutions, the island aims to secure its energy supply and reduce its carbon footprint, benefitting both the environment and the local community. 

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Powering the Electric Future – Guernsey Chamber of Commerce