The Chamber of Commerce has reviewed the recently published independent report on the government’s IT outages, shedding light on significant operational and strategic failings. We acknowledge the importance of this report and the urgent need for remedial actions to address the identified shortcomings. 

Justin Bellinger, a member of the Chamber of Commerce Board, expressed his concerns regarding the report’s findings, stating, “It is clear from the report that there have been historic failings both at an operational and strategic level.” These failings have undoubtedly hindered the ability to provide seamless and reliable IT services to guernsey residents and businesses. 

Bellinger further emphasized, “The report highlights 22 highest priority action points that need to swiftly be addressed, there is a clear plan that needs to be executed asap with priority to clearing P1 failings before year end.   

“It is important that strategic mitigations are not neglected in favour of tactical and operational fixes as the States of Guernsey embarks on the journey of risk reduction.” The Chamber of Commerce supports a balanced approach that considers both short-term fixes and long-term strategic initiatives to build a robust and resilient IT infrastructure. 

As a leading voice representing the business community, the Chamber of Commerce urges the government to prioritise the implementation of the report’s recommendations. Timely and effective actions will restore confidence in the government’s IT systems, ensuring a stable environment for businesses to operate and residents to access essential services. 

You can view the full here on the States of Guernsey website