“Chamber is keen to help turn the fine words in the Revive and Thrive document into tangible results which will benefit the economy and community as a whole.

It is reassured to see that the main focus is on working with business groups to ensure that economic recovery is delivered through partnerships. There is a vast amount of expertise and willingness in Chamber’s 640-strong business community across all sectors and the desire to “make things happen” is very strong.

We are delighted that, through Gavin’s leadership, an agile response and effective time-lining will ensure that work can start soon to assist everyone in our island. The impacts of the Covid Crisis have been immense here and are likely to continue to affect our economy in the coming months, so a swift response to address that major threat to livelihoods is extremely important and welcome.

Chamber has 18 Industry Groups full of talented, experienced business people in all parts of the economy and we can work as a single point of contact if required to provide practical solutions and effective use of proposed resources. We are ready to start!”Link here to full report: https://www.gov.gg/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=126529&p=0