The Chamber of Commerce of Guernsey is deeply disappointed by Deputy Murray’s and Deputy Haskins decision to seek a delay in the debate on the island’s long overdue electricity strategy. This strategy, which has garnered widespread support from industry, paves the way for a more environmentally responsible and secure energy future. 

James Ede Golightly, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, stressed the urgency of the strategy, stating, “We need a second cable – this is the key enabler for all of the other proposals in the policy. This decision cannot be delayed. It’s urgent we get on with this to allow the island to continue the great job it’s done decarbonising our electricity, and it will also be instrumental in the enablement of constructing offshore wind generating assets and significant on-island solar power.” 

“The strategy leaves no room for ‘doing nothing’ and delaying is doing nothing. This is the most expensive approach and involves using more and more fossil fuel generation – which we all agree is simply not the answer.  It’s a thorough piece of work, and it should be endorsed by the States without delay,” explained James. 

The Chamber of Commerce urges Deputy Murray and Deputy Haskins to reconsider and recognise the importance of promptly endorsing this strategy.