The Committee for Economic Development has been asked for its views by the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture and, they rely on feedback from business.

The Education Law in Guernsey dates from 1970 but its roots are much older and many of the descriptions and wording in it are not relevant or appropriate for today’s education system. The review of the Education Law has considered what is needed locally and and how education legislation has been updated across other jurisdictions.

It covers many areas such as health and wellbeing, curriculum, standards and inspections, but the two key areas which may be of interest to business are participation age and pre school education provision.

Participation Age
One of the proposed changes to the Law includes provisions which would allow for the introduction of a participation age. This is the age beyond compulsory education age where young people are expected to continue with education or training. This can be alongside employment. The benefits of continued learning beyond the end of compulsory education at 16 include an increased likelihood of gaining further qualifications, which in turn improves employment opportunities and increases expected salary.

Education is particularly interested in the views of employers about the impact of such a provision and recognises that, at the commencement of a new Education Law, participation age may match compulsory education age. 

Pre School Education Provision
It is proposed that the new Education Law includes a statement of a universal entitlement and will require sufficient places to be available for all entitled children to access their entitlement. Currently the provision is not universal as there is a household income cap. This cap would be removed if the entitlement in law was universal. 
The current Early Childhood Education offer is 15 hours per week during school term time, in the academic year before children go to school. There is a question asking ‘What do you think the offer should be?’
How to have your say
Please contact our Executive Director Alice Gill on who will be responding on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and its members.
You can also share your views directly either via their online questionnaire or written responses can be sent to