Google David Ummels and you get 41,000 hits

Many of them generated within the last few months and concerning, you guessed it, the Renoir in Guernsey exhibition.

The PR that David – Guernsey Chamber’s Cultural Ambassador and Art for Guernsey founder – and the team have generated within the last few months has been considerable – and sits well above the marketing budget of Art for Guernsey and Visit Guernsey.

So what does this mean for the island?

Well, as we’re still in week one of the exhibition the pound and pence impact is still to be seen, but what with an estimated 18,000 visitors to the exhibition (at least a third of them from overseas) and Guernsey hospitability and tourism making the most of the event with Renoir-themed travel packages and menus,  we expect to be reporting positively on the economic uplift.

But ticket sales apart, we think the true benefit lies in the ripple effect.

Art has this magical ability to spark conversations and ignite passions – the Renoir exhibition is not just a financial injection for the Island, it’s a cultural one.

Felicitâtiaons* to David and the Renoir team; Chamber can’t wait to hear more.

*Patois for congratulations