Members of the business and arts community attended the Chamber of Commerce lunch to hear from Art for Guernsey and ArtHouse Jersey on collaboration done well, unveiling their exciting partnership plans.

During a visit to Rennes to visit cultural institutions, Art for Guernsey and ArtHouse Jersey realised that by working together they would deliver far better results and be able to represent and promote the Channel Islands as a whole.

The organisations share a vision for improving the reputation of their islands through cultural diplomacy, but their different approaches in both programming and funding have created opportunities to achieve more together.

Art for Guernsey is entirely privately funded charitable initiative managed by a team of passionate professionals who share a belief in the transformative power of art to bring communities together, provide educational opportunities and promote cultural diplomacy. The team have recently opened their new art gallery and creative workshop facilities for our community to deliver first-class exhibitions and events in cultural, educational and community-focused areas, but also feature international artists in residence, talented local artists, visiting exhibitions and artworks by adults and children on the island, showcasing passion and creativity wherever it resides.

ArtHouse Jersey is a charity that serves its Island community by supporting artists to create ambitious work. Recognising the social return on investment that the charity makes across a range of population level objectives, the Government of Jersey dedicates 1% of its budgeted expenditure to culture arts and heritage. ArtHouse Jersey receives £1.1 million pounds of this investment to deliver social benefits to Islanders, from improving health and wellbeing, developing essential skills for the future economy such as critical thinking and problem solving, or helping the Island attract and retain talent by contributing to a diverse and attractive cultural ecosystem. Public funding also gives them a platform to self-generated income to the tune of £600k.

The two organisations are coming together, to use this stronger voice, to shape a different narrative of the islands. To promote the Channel Islands as a destination with creativity at their core and to be known for this internationally. Historically, the islands were seen as locations to be inspired and artists included the islands on their tours, not just Renoir, hundreds of others and they wish to re-establish this reputation.

They will be inviting local artists to be part of a collection, which, from early 2024, will be toured initially in France and onwards across the globe.

The Chamber of Commerce and its members want to see more of this type of partnership working. This collaboration if applied to other activities and targets has the potential to more effectively and efficiently deliver upon the ambitions of the Islands.

They have created the example and set the benchmark for what can be achieved with some fresh thinking and ambition.

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