Thank you to all involved in our Recruitment Crisis Panel debate lunch at the OGH on Monday 18th October. The event was a sell-out, with over 150 people attending in-person, and many others logging in to view online!

We would like to give special thanks to our fantastic panelists, Chief Minister Ferbrache, Deputy Rob Prow, Gary Salter, Nick Graham, Kenny McDonald, as well as the moderator James Falla.

Thank to our sponsors Islands Insurance, to Will Green and John Fernandez for covering the story, and also to Sophie and Mike from Orchard PR who ensured we could livestream the event.

We also want to give an extra special thanks to Lloyd Helyer and all the guys at Regency Events who did the most fantastic job setting up an elegant (and deceptively very complicated!) sound system, which enabled the panelists to be heard right across the room, as well seamless integration into our livestream – we absolutely could not have pulled off the event without these technically minded professionals at the helm!