Every month we pose 7 questions to a Chamber member; this month it’s architect, designer and artist – Natasha K He from NKH Designs.

1. So, who are you?

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer and artist from China. I have a Master of Architecture from the University of Manchester and a Bachelor of Engineering in Urban Planning, and have worked on diverse projects in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, France, Canada, the UK, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, and Guernsey.

I am also a freelance product and graphic designer passionate about art and photography. 

2. How long have you been going? 

I’ve been in the creative industry since 2004.

In November 2022, I had two great options presented to me. One was to continue my architectural career in Rotterdam, a city I am familiar with and known for being modern and creative.The other was to explore a new opportunity in Guernsey, an island I had never been to.

I am thrilled to have chosen Guernsey, as it has won my heart and inspired my creative vision.

3. How did you get into architecture? 

I aspired to become an astronaut or a scientist when I was young, to explore the unknown world. However, my mother recognised my creativity in art and design and encouraged me to pursue undergraduate studies in urban planning. With her support, I developed my profession for large-scale projects within fast-paced environments.

4. What’s the ‘why’ behind the work you do?

Enhance Space, Cultivate Story, Make Beauty are my guidelines for creating functional, personal, and beautiful spaces and products.

Despite my success in developing a new project in China,  my voice advocating for preserving the old went unheard. After 10 years of practising, I realised the need for change to continue my growth. That was why I pursued a Master’s in Architecture in 2018 to explore my passion and belief in-depth and refine my attention to detail while bringing an old story to a new life.

5. What’s your process for coming up with your solutions/offers? 

“Place + Product + People” is my ultimate goal to create a place and product that people can truly enjoy.

I have always collaborated closely with clients and other parties. I approach design believing every project is unique and deserves a customised solution.

6. What book has shaped your life and why? 

The book “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture” by Robert Venturi profoundly impacted my professional and creative endeavours.

Complex architecture should be viewed as a fluid system with multiple meanings rather than isolating one aspect for clarity.

Venturi’s unconventional and critique approach to architecture reinforced my belief of blending the old with the new. It motivated me to travel more and witness the world’s architecture firsthand.

7. Tea, Coffee or something a little stronger? 

Nothing beats a cup of black Coffee to start my day, but noon is my cut-out point.

Find out more about Natasha here