Chamber is delighted to announce that Elaine Gray has been formally appointed new President for a two-year term at this week’s AGM. In addition, the ever-growing organisation now also includes a Board presence for Jane St Pier, Clare Carre and Diane de Garis as members of Exec.

With almost 700 members employing around 18,000 members of staff, the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce is the island’s largest business network, supporting local business from sole traders to international corporations.


Elaine, who is partner and head of the Carey Olsen Guernsey dispute resolution and litigation team, has served as Vice President of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce for the past year.

She said: “It is a huge honour to become the first female president of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, and I would like to thank Barrie Baxter for his excellent work and commitment over the past two years. As an organisation, Chamber continues to play an incredibly important role in Guernsey’s business community, representing businesses across all industries and sectors in relation to the latest issues and opportunities affecting them. No challenge is more pressing than Guernsey’s ongoing response and recovery to the global coronavirus pandemic so we look forward particularly to representing members in our work with government on Guernsey’s ‘Revive and Thrive’ strategy.”

Chamber Executive Director Kay Leslie said she was absolutely delighted to be part of the team under Elaine’s leadership. The re-shaped Executive contains a wealth of diverse ability and talent at board level and will ensure that our expanding business organisation engages strongly with all sectors. ‘We are also extremely fortunate to have the expertise of  Jane St Pier and Clare Carre who bring their experience and insight in Finance and Third Sector, plus broad involvement in the community as a whole, together with Diane de Garis who has been actively assisting for two years. With major challenges facing all businesses now and the potential around Revive & Thrive for our future, it is a fantastic positive to be part of such a talented Board.’
The full Guernsey Chamber Executive is:
President Elaine Gray
Past President Barrie Baxter
Executive Director Kay Leslie
Treasurer Graham Rabey
Board members:
Claire Carre
Jane St Pier
Diane de Garis
Industry Heads Representative Rupert Dorey