The Guernsey Community Foundation has appointed Paula Williams to its Board through the Board Apprentice Scheme.


GTA University Centre

Paula Williams

Board Apprentice is a not-for-profit organisation set up to further the diversity of Boards and help with succession planning. The GTA University Centre has been appointed as an Executive Ambassador and Administrator of the scheme in Guernsey.

The Scheme introduces Board Apprentices into the boardrooms of UK, Guernsey and Jersey companies. By providing hands-on Board experience to suitable individuals, they can help prepare Guernsey and its companies for the future.

Wayne Bulpitt, Guernsey Community Foundation Chair said:

‘Strong and effective Boards or committees are as important in the not-for profit sector as the corporate world, and so the Foundation is delighted at the opportunity to partner with Board Apprentice Scheme in Guernsey. We are especially delighted as Paula has already proved to be a valuable addition to our Board.’

The Board Apprentice commits to the time necessary to fulfil the duties of an appointed Board member. They receive Board packs, attend Board or committee meetings and share their views with the Board, when invited. They attend general meetings and also participate in Board activities that take place outside of meetings.

Board Apprentices are appointed for one year, are unpaid and are not appointed as a Director within that period.

Paula joined the GTA from the finance industry after she moved to Guernsey from New Zealand in 2012. As Programmes Manager her primary responsibilities at the GTA include developing learning and development opportunities for the Finance and Law sectors. Paula brings over ten years of experience of developing and delivering both professional and education-based programmes. She completed an MBA through Henley Business in the UK and gained a Diploma in Tertiary Teaching in New Zealand.