Are you a member of a club, sporting or leisure pursuit? is it accessible to the 13,000 disabled islanders? we would love to hear from you

We All Matter Eh! is the voice of disabled islanders, our campaign for early 2017 is focused on highlighting all the sports and clubs that are accessible to children and adults with disabilities so we can:

  • increase participation = better physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • increase the number of activities locally that are accessible, whether that’s a physical change or coaching awareness
  • raise awareness for the accessible clubs and funding opportunities

There is much research around sport, teams,  networks, mental wellbeing and improving a persons chances to secure employment, in Guernsey we believe this is even stronger.

We want to bring down barriers for disabled islanders taking a full and active part in society and hope you will get involved too. like our Facebook page, follow us on twitter and check out the website and share widely. thank you